Green Mushroom Farm Shiitake

Green Mushroom Farm has been supplying Shiitake mushrooms for over 12 years.

Native to East Asia the Shiitake mushroom is one of the most highly prized in Oriental cuisine, the earliest written record of Shiitake cultivation in Japan was seen in the Records of Lonquan County compiled by He Zhan in 1209.

Shiitake is a Japanese name deriving from take, mushroom and shii meaning tree.

An opportunity arose in 2016 for Green Mushroom Farm to purchase and grow a new Shiitake substrate.

A purpose built multi million pound facility for shiitake substrate production was built in Kosovo, along with a Japanese partnership using the most up to date Japanese technology. This has led to the production of substrate using a true Japanese strain of mycelia that when grown with the knowledge acquired at Green Mushroom Farm over 12 years and with the facility to maintain a climate controlled environment that replicate the natural of environment of the shiitake variety, this is producing a superior quality Shiitake mushroom.

  1. Deeper richer stronger flavour
  2. Meaty texture
  3. More robust solid mushroom
  4. Improved shelf life
  5. More uniform shape

Grown on sterilised substrate consisting of oak sawdust from sustainable sources the oak enhances the natural woodsy flavours of the Shiitake variety.

The shiitake mushrooms produced at Hirano Mushrooms the same characteristics of the Japanese grown Top quality shiitake.