What is Green Mushroom Farm?

Green mushroom Farm is a mushroom wholesale business with a specialty in the world of mushrooms. This means that we deliver all kinds of mushrooms from inside and outside of the country. After a few years we build a reputation of a reputable importer and exporter of mushrooms all around Europe. At Green Mushroom Farm you will find mushrooms of the best quality. Because we produce the mushrooms ourselves we can guarantee the quantity and quality of our mushrooms every day of the year. Green Mushroom Farm is established in countries all over the world. After the Netherlands we established a mushroom wholesale business in Canada, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, the United States and Poland.

Customers of Green Mushroom Farm

As a mushroom wholesale business, Green Mushroom Farm has customers in all shapes and sizes. We deliver for example to retailers, wholesale businesses, supermarkets, restaurants, hotels, caterers and healthcare institutions.

Trade creditors

As a company related to a South-Korean mushroom wholesale business, Green Mushroom Farm has his focus on the import of Asian mushrooms. This means that we import our mushrooms mainly from China and South-Korea. Besides that we also have a settlement in Kosovo.

Products Mushroom Wholesale Business

At Green Mushroom Farm we deliver four kinds of mushrooms. We are a wholesale business for Asian mushrooms, dried mushrooms, cultivated mushrooms and wild forest mushrooms.

Do you want to order?

Interested in our mushrooms? At our order page you can find more information about how you can order via email, phone, fax and online. We try to modernize our ordering system as much as possible to make it easier for you. We have for example an online ordering system. When you are interested in using this, please request our sales department to make an account for you.