Green Mushroom Farm building

Who we are

In the past 20 years, Green Mushroom Farm evolved as one of the market leaders in the field of fresh edible wild and cultivated mushrooms. Through our extensive network worldwide, we are able to guarantee year-round quality and quantity. For deliveries to end users, mostly through supermarkets, is of vital importance. By direct deliveries from […]

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More and more consumers opt for healthy and conscious dealing with food. Mushrooms play an increasingly important role. Therefore for Green Mushroom Farm is important to encourage this growing awareness among consumers. Our aim is therefore to many consumers as possible to show the influence of mushrooms on health. We do this by working closely […]

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Corporate Social Responsibility Green Mushroom Farm feels strongly committed to people and the environment. We want to provide a healthy and honest product, with minimal impact on the environment. IFS policies within the enterprise is arranged such that there is a continuous movement that contributes positively to the consumer and the environment. All products carrying […]

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